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Resilience starts with your electrical system design. A distributed design is the foundation for continuous power and dictates how resilient your facility can be.

In a distributed design, multiple compact switchgear units are placed throughout the system, which can isolate faults to a small area. Unlike a centralized system, where a fault on a large switchgear lineup can create a single point of failure for your whole facility, a distributed system allows you to reroute power from an entirely separate source. This helps you keep the power on, even when there’s trouble.

The Best Gear for the Job

Bring advanced protection to your system with the Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear family. Utilities have used S&C switchgear for decades to improve grid reliability and resilience. This utility-grade switchgear can also be applied to any data center’s system to manage faults, minimize outages, and support future expansion. See the many benefits of the switchgear below.

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Customizable to your requirements

Icon of a footprint

Small footprint and no e-houses for compact spaces

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Low maintenance for easy, long-term care

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Built to withstand severe weather

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Easy to operate by one person

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Environmentally friendly options available

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Provides a high level of reliability and resilience


Watch this video to learn about the advantages of a distributed system and S&C’s Vista switchgear family.

Restore Power Quickly

Leverage automation on your distributed system to quicken fault response and maximize uptime. Several automation options are available that support interoperability with other equipment in your data center:

Average Restoration Time Milliseconds* 6 Seconds 20 Seconds Minutes
Automation Options 1.   High-speed fault clearing system and advanced relays**

1.   Micro-AT® Source Transfer Control

2.   Advanced relays**

1.   IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System and 6800 Series Automatic Switch Control

2.   Advanced relays**

1. Remote terminal unit
Operation Type Automatic Automatic Automatic Remote
Advantages Respond to faults without power interruption Transfer power from another source Restore power in complex schemes automatically using real-time system data Control and monitor gear remotely

*Six cycles, or less than 100 milliseconds.
**Third-party relays with custom logic programmed by S&C.

Utility Interconnection & Metering

Easily connect your facility or renewables to the power grid and support utility metering requirements. Explore your underground or overhead options and take advantage of S&C’s extensive experience working with utilities to streamline the process.

Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear Family

Enhance distributed system designs with a compact solution. Specify up to six ways for standard models and add simple metering.

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IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter

Reduce voltage sags, connect renewable energy sources, and add metering.

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System VI™ Switchgear

Combine Vista switchgear and Custom Metal Enclosed Switchgear to leverage the benefits of both, serve many loads, and support metering.

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Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Create your own solution for custom metering requirements, like an enclosure for current and voltage transformers, and support load and application needs.

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